2013 Sunday School Training Workshops

The ministry of your Sunday School or Small Groups will not function on auto-pilot. I have seen too many churches try that approach  with the inevitable consequence of decline and demise. Leading multiple groups for multiple life stages with volunteer leadership is admittedly high maintenance if it is to thrive. The good news is that it can also be high return. Where do you begin if you aspire to have a small group ministry that thrives and touches lives. One of the keys is the “training strategy.” You have many options ranging from books to media sources to planned leadership meetings in your church. The key is to find a way to expose your leaders to motivation and skills growth in a systematic way. You are also blessed to have a staff at the Georgia Baptist Convention on the Sunday School and Small Groups Ministry team that provide 23 conferences in August across four weekends and in every region of the state. The training is affordable, accessible, and will not only motivate your leaders but reinforce those important best practices to help your Sunday School and Small Groups to thrive. I will be blessed to attend several and I encourage you to take full advantage of this training opportunity.