2018 Mission Georgia: AGELESS Gospel




“To him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen. Ephesians 3:21

God’s Good News is not to be restricted for selected cultures or ages.  The Gospel is AGELESS in its potency and purpose for life and touches all ages from generation to generation. This is the message and reminder for this year’s Mission Georgia emphasis in 2018.

The 3600+ Georgia Baptist churches and missions have an opportunity to expand this AGELESS Gospel by participating in the annual highlight of the multiple ministries of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board. The Mission Georgia Season of Prayer and Offering is an annual emphasis which supports the ministries, missions, and evangelism work of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board. The 2018 theme is “AGELESS Gospel” and the offering goal is $1.75 million with emphasis dates of September and year-round.

There are several aspects to the Mission Georgia emphasis.  First is praying for the various missions and ministries of Georgia Baptist Mission Board.  Every year thousands of people come to know the Lord Jesus as the result of these ministries.  Many leaders are equipped and several churches are birthed or revitalized with the help of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board.  Second is giving to great mission effort though the Mission Georgia offering.  All the funds given to missions through the Mission Georgia offering stays in Georgia to help with the mission of “reducing lostness in Georgia.”

Still another key component of the emphasis is knowing more about the missions and ministries of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board.  Not only can you and your church learn more about the Georgia Baptist Mission Board but also the supreme importance of knowing and studying the AGELESS Gospel.

This year, four Bible Study Lessons (Preschool, Children, Youth and Adult) have been exclusively prepared for your church to better understand how this ageless Gospel is to be applied in the lives of all believers and shared with an unbelieving world.

The Bible Study Lessons are easy to download and print (see below) so that every age leader can prepare to teach on a selected day. We suggest that these lessons be directly linked to the time when the church uses the AGELESS Prayer Guideand promotes the Mission Georgia Offering, usually in September of every year. However, your church can participate at any time since all materials are undated.

 Check out: Mission Georgia to download the FREE Sunday School/Bible Study lessons or to order all of the other FREE materials.  Click the link and scroll down to the PDF Sunday School Lessons