2018 Sunday School Directors Summit: Friday Breakout Session Titles & Descriptions

If you are a Sunday School Director you need to attend the Georgia Baptist Sunday School Directors Summit. At this event you will learn the skills and tasks that make a great Sunday School Director. You will hear from some of the finest Sunday School leaders and you’ll get to network with other Georgia Sunday School Directors. This event will provide you with the tools needed to lead your Sunday School and you will gain insights in your role of leading all age groups in your church.

On Friday afternoon we begin with registration at 3:00pm but at 4:00pm is when the action really starts.  In the first general session we will have some brief introductions and quickly move into the content related to “The Mission of Sunday School” and”The Role of the Sunday School Director”.  Then at  5:00pm we have 8 Breakout sessions with topics just for Sunday School Directors.  Below is the breakout session topics.

  • “Starting New Groups” – The leading indicator for growth is starting new groups.  The person most responsible for starting new groups is the SS Director!  If you don’t lead in starting new groups then its not going to happen in your church.  In this session you will learn 5 basics to starting new groups and 5 ideas for new groups.

  • “Move Beyond the Lesson to Mission” – Our Sunday School classes meet week after week and many times there is great fellowship and ministry that takes place every Sunday.  This conference will give your leadership ideas, examples and some solutions on moving your church’s Sunday School classes beyond the mundane “week to week” to being on mission for Christ in your church and community.

  • “The Three Doors of Your Group” – “The Front Door – How to connect with those that don’t attend a church and how we make them feel when they show up, The Side Door – How to lead your groups to conduct events that move the church outside it’s walls, and The Back Door – How your groups can make sure that everyone is being cared for and loved.”

  • “Helping Teachers become Better Teachers” – As a SS Director you have great influnce on what is taught but also on how it is taught.  In this session learn how you can help your teachers be better teachers!

  • “The Top 10 Things to Do To Make Sure Your SS Is Reaching New People” – The SS is still one of the best ways to reach lost and unchurched people.  In this session you will gain insights into how the SS Director  can lead every class to be involved in outreach.

  • “Leading a RUTless Sunday School” – “Understanding the biblical foundation of the Sunday School is critical to having a healthy/growing church.  In this session you will exaimne what the Bible says about the mission of the Sunday School and you will learn how to get that purpose communcaited and accomplished in your church.”

  • “How to Have a Sunday School that Connects with Students” – Connecting with students (middle school and high school youth) requires more than simply delivering content. Learn the importance of a holistic approach that includes investing in students lives, engaging them in ministry, and challenging them with deep discipleship.

  • “Helping Young Families Feel Welcome in Your Sunday School” –  “Helping Young Families Feel Welcome to your Sunday School needs to a top priority for churches.  This begins with great signage, friendly greeters, an efficient check in system, inviting spaces, and building relationships.  In this session you will learn some great ways to practice hospitality with young families that visit your church.”

For more information and to register please click on the link below.
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The cost of the event is $39 but after October 30th the cost increases to $49 so don’t wait!  The cost to the GBSSDS includes all meals and lots of resources! – The event is at Second Baptist Church in Waycross- November 2-3, 2018. 

See you there!