Trends of Today

This is continuation of my blog from the State Sunday School Directors Association annual meeting held in Baltimore, Maryland.  This group of 45 missionaries has the responsibility of leading the small group ministry of their state convention or association.  It was a most productive meeting and the fellowship is always wonderful.

The first blog focused on “Navigating the Shift to a New Scorecard” and today I’ll deal with “Trends of Today” and their impact on the church.

  1. Globalism – Not only can we travel around the world but we can see what’s happening on the other side of the world in an instance.  There are many new influences on our lives, families, communities and churches.
  2. Multiculturalism – If it’s not already happened in your community or neighborhood then now that it’s coming.  North America is different.  In our backyard is a world-wide mission field.
  3. Urbanization – The move to larger cities continues to increase.  The rural areas are losing population and their economic base.  The larger cities have become the focus of life instead of the family farm.
  4. Technology/Social Media – Technology is going to be in everything and everywhere.
  5. Time Demands – People are so very busy and there is no sign of life slowing down.  Work demands more with less.  The family and personal health suffers because if time demands.
  6. Personal Isolationism/Fragmented Lives – People have forgotten how to make friends and how to be friends.  The idea of community has been lost but is needed more than ever and people want it.
  7. Environmentalism – The way God’s creation is cared for or the lack of responsible stewardship has become a top priority for many.  The desire to eliminate a carbon footprint of the earth is a goal for many individuals.
  8. Virtual Workplace – The office has come home or is in the automobile.  The challenge is that when that happens a person is always at work.
  9. Gay Rights – How will Christians respond to this growing influential group?  What does it really mean to hate the sin but love the person?
  10. Terrorism/Natural Disasters/Tragedies – When difficulties come; and they will come, what’s the plan for your church?  If building used by your church was destroyed, what would your church do?  Do you have a “plan B” ready to put into action?
  11. Calvinism – I’m not sure those outside the Church is concerned but this topic is gathering steam and seems to be headed to another historic climax.

How does your church and class/group plan to respond to these trends?  What have you done in the past that has addressed these needs?  I look forward to your insights and ideas.