3 Goals Which Can Grow Your Class from Inside Out

By Jonathan Jordan

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The question of growth comes up when working with churches on a regular basis.  Few really ask the question out loud or would admit they do not intend to grow their church or group. But often the actions they take are counter-productive when it comes to growing their group.  In addition to taking actions that are counterproductive, few take actions in their class to assure growth has a chance.  The bottom line is that if we are followers of Christ our charge is clear.


I am glad you asked.  Many times it only takes a few adjustments to begin to move your class to a posture of growth.  Not only numerical but spiritual growth in the hearts & minds of the persons in our group.

1. Your group needs to have a mission project 2 times per year.  Not just an emphasis, but something outside the group and the church.  The value of serving those OUTSIDE your organization is invaluable.
2. Your group needs to fellowship once a month.  Some sort of gathering or activity.  Cookouts are great this time of year!  Find something, be creative, but don’t underestimate the value of your group having scheduled fellowships every month
3. Everyone needs to be contacted at least 1 time per week.  It does not have to be the same person each week or having the same person contact the entire group.  People need a text, email, phone call, card… anything, just as long as they have been contacted.