3 Ways to Get to Know Potential Leaders

By Darryl Wilson

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FishingTogetherWHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? Too many potential leaders run away scared because we enlist them poorly. After praying for leaders, observe potential leaders and then get to know them before enlisting them. Doing so will produce greater likelihood of enlistment success.

WHAT DO I DO? Consider these 3 ways to get to know a potential leader.

  1. Spend time together. Gather away from class. Visit in the leader’s home or yours. Eat a meal. Talk. Get to know each other. Share your vision and hopes for the class. Ask questions. Be interested. Listen.
  2. Do life together. Go to a ball game. Watch a movie. Take a walk, hike, or run. Take a class together. Meet a need. Serve together. Pray together. Read a book and discuss it. Study a Bible book or passage together. Go fishing. Observe. Share. Learn.
  3. Do Sunday School ministry together. As you get to know the leader, begin to ask him/her to help you with class ministry. Ask for help in making a visit. Don’t assign the visit. Go together. Ask for help in planning a fellowship. Don’t assign a task. Do it together. Ask for help in preparing a lesson. Study and talk together.

When you spend time, do life, and Sunday Sunday School ministry TOGETHER, you will discover evidence of potential leaders’ strengths and attributes for joining you as class leaders. This evidence will come in handy when you ask them to join you. Your prayer and observations can give them courage to say yes.


WilsonDarrylInformal407Darryl has served as Director of the Sunday School Department for the Kentucky Baptist Convention since 1997. Prior to that, he served as Minister of Education in a church in South Carolina and four in Kentucky. He is the author of The Sunday School Revolutionary!, a blog about life-changing Sunday School and small groups. Follow Darryl on Twitter, Facebook, and his blog, sundayschoolrevolutionary.com.