Part #6 of a study of Fastest Growing Churches in the Georgia Baptist Convention

Dr. Tim Smith
This is a series of insights gleaned from surveys and interviews wit the most effective churches in the GBC in reaching and keeping people.

10 Things That Make These Churches Different, (part #6)

#5 – Question #23: With what frequency does the typical class/group make contact with all members?



Observation — The fastest growing churches understand that consistently being in contact with those connected to their classes
and/or groups is essential for both growth and health. Most of these churches encourage; if not require, consistent ministry connections from the classes/groups. In my study of these churches, 81% responded that ALL of their classes/groups make at least quarterly contact with ALL those enrolled or connected

“ALL”#1 – It does not matter the age or the make-up of the class or group. What
matters is that the members know that someone cares for them. I believe that the practice of making ministry contacts with members is one of the major factors that separates these churches from all the rest! In my travels across this state and around the nation, I’ve found the churches that are plateaued and/or declining are not making consistent ministry contact with their members.

“ALL” #2 – These churches contacted everyone without regard to their pattern of attendance. In some of the growing churches and even in our plateaued churches they do a good job of staying in contact with those who attend but they let the marginal attender fall through the cracks. These fastest growing churches are consistently in touch with everyone on their list no matter how often they attend the group.

Make it your priority to lead you groups and/or classes to contact EVERY member EVERY week!