Five Ways to Update Your Classroom Without Spending Too Much

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WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? “Every barn needs a little paint”.  It is amazing what can happen when you give even the oldest space a little attention.  First impressions are very important and we only get one chance to make a good first impression.  The way we dress says a lot about a person.  The way your classroom looks says a lot about your group.  So what are five simple things you could do to update your classroom without spending too much money?

WHAT DO I DO? First, clean it!  Take a Saturday morning and have a workday in your classroom.  Provide breakfast for the members and clean up your classroom.  Throw away anything that is outdated or broke!  The things that are in your classroom that you don’t use put them in storage.  Dust and wipe down the walls, scrub the floors or vacuum the carpet.  Don’t forget to wash the windows and the window treatments.

Second, put in new lights.  You can replace the existing lights or add new ones.  Make sure you clean the room before putting in new lights because all the dirt will be seen with new lights.

Third, paint the room.  Again plan a workday and paint the classroom.  Make sure you check with the appropriate leaders at your church because there may be certain color pattern for your church.  Don’t pick out a dark color nor do you want to pick out an unusual color.  Stay with the basic comfortable colors.

Fourth, hang some new visuals in the classroom.  Put up a new white marker board and/or a new bulletin board.  Go to the Christian bookstore and get some decorations to hang on the walls.  Don’t make it too much but just enough to make it look new.

Fifth, purchase some new chairs. Before you say that costs too much go and price nice chairs at the local big box store like Staples, Costco, Sam’s, etc.  You will be amazed at how new chairs will change the look of the classroom.