2017 Groups & Faith Development Recommended Leaders

Do you need someone to help you or your church with training your Sunday School or Small Group Leaders? As always we are here to help with this need in Groups and Faith Development.

As we travel across our state we encounter those who are willing to help others outside the church where God called them. We have come to know them and trust them in their ability to help you with training. They help us multiply the number of churches and associations we can serve by being one of our “recommended leaders.”

Here is how you can find those leaders. By going to this link  you will find age group leaders that can help. When you click on one of the dots on the map it will allow you to see the individuals specialty and contact information. Some of these might be close to your church or even people you already know. Contact them and share your training need with them and see if you can get a date that works for the both of you.

We are always willing to help you as well. Please feel free to contact us as we are here to serve you as your State Missionaries.