Theme Ideas & Activities

Annual Birthday Party – Have members sit at tables by month. Have Birthday cake and sing “Happy Birthday”. Have entertainment.

Senior Prom – Really dress up. Have someone taking pictures.

Valentine Tea – Decorate in Victorian theme. Everyone could wear a hat.

Christmas Party – Share favorite Christmas memory.

Country – Contact a local farmer with a big barn. Bring in a local gospel group. Have monthly meeting there.

Dinner and a Movie

Down Memory Lane – Bring a treasure from your past and share the memory of this treasure. (Could be a picture)

Olden Days – Seniors tell what it was like growing up. Where they lived. Special holidays. How were you and your family thrifty? What was extravagant back then?

Swap Meet & Book Exchange – Bring 1 to 3 gently used items (no clothing). Person can choose 1 to 3 items in return. Serve hotdogs/hamburgers with “flea market” theme.

Veterans – What branch of service? Wives can remember too. What was it like being home?

Recipe Shop – Bring favorite dish along with recipe to exchange after meal.

Senior Exercise Club – Seniors get together to exercise. Could have a speaker from the local YMCA.

Senior Celebration Day – Once a year.

Depression Meal – Eat off of aluminum pie pans.

Laugh – Just read funny things that come across emails. Just for a laugh time. So good to laugh.

Progressive Meal

Speaker Ideas

  • Local Funeral Director
  • Local Pharmacist on medications Hospice Speaker
  • Youth Minister
  • Policeman
  • Florist

(On game night serve chili)

Bible Family Feud – Youth against Seniors Charades – Using nursery rhymes.
Board Games

Name Game – Put a description of a person, animal, etc. on a card and tape it on your back. Put the person or animal that meets the description on another person’s back. Find the partner.