55+ Swap Shop Ideas


Ministry Related Activities: Opportunity and flexibility

  1. Binkypatrol.org homemade blankets
  2. Carewear.org hats, booties, and small blankets for hospitals
  3. warmupamerica.org patchwork blankets, hats, scarves and items for schools, hospitals and homeless shelters
  4. Mentoring or reading at a local school
  5. Baptistsonmission.org Missions, local ideas
  6. Volunteering in hospitals, ministry-oriented thrift shops, Habitat for Humanity
  7. Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief (certification classes available)
  8. Something from your experience or expertise to help:
    1. Home repair
    2. Nursing
    3. Caring for hurting/disabled people
    4. Hospital information desk
    5. Free music or art classes
    6. Teaching life skills or ESL classes (English as a Second Language – training available through Georgia Baptist Mission Board)
    7. Helping parents of new-born or special needs children
    8. Goody bags for teachers
    9. “Adopting” a local school
    10. Give somebody a break (moms, people who care for ill people, etc.)
    11. Receptionist at church
    12. Prayer coordinator for church 


  1. Fun Day
  2. Trips
  3. Resident Experts / Presentation of Collections
    1. Stamps
    2. Coins
    3. Rocks / Gems
    4. Travel
    5. Genealogy
    6. Tax Preparation
    7. Different types of Insurance
    8. Grief
    9. Cooking / Grilling
    10. Gardening / Flowers
    11. Gun Safety
    12. Being Safe in General
    13. Basics of Sewing
    14. Favorite stories (limit time and have a “buzzer.”)
    15. Computer Basics
    16. How to De-Clutter

Spiritual Growth

  1. Seminars
  2. Visit local churches (Bible studies, revivals, special speakers)
  3. Subjects that pique the interest of a significant segment of your group
  4. Grief / Grief ministry
  5. Bible studies on certain days
  6. Finances
  7. Estate planning / wills / power of attorney
  8. A study on the Names of God
  9. Read the Bible through
  10. Visitation teams
  11. Choose a Read Through the Bible in One Year or a One-year Devotional book. Encourage each other to finish the year. Have periodic discussions.

One Day Trips

  1. Little White House / Warm Springs / Callaway Gardens
  2. Plains / Andersonville Historic Sites
  3. Dahlonega
  4. Apples (Blue Ridge / Ellijay)
  5. Stone Mountain / Laser Show
  6. Thomasville – Rose Festival
  7. Peaches
  8. Marshallville (Camellias)
  9. Biblical History Center, LaGrange, GA (http://biblicalhistorycenter.com/)