Why attend a 2013 Sunday School Training Workshop?

We have 23 great events planned for you.  Here are some reasons why I would attend…
1- The training!  The material for the event is great.  Every age group is going to be challenged and there is something for all age groups!  All pastors need to bring at least one leader from the preschool, children’s, youth/student and adult divisions.

2- The convenience!  Just about anybody and everybody in Georgia can get to a SSTW within one hour.  Get up a little early on Saturday, grab a cup of coffee and join us for a great morning of talking about Sunday School.  Don’t come alone, ask another Sunday School teacher or leader from your church to attend with you.

3- The energy!  Each location will have 200 to 400 in attendance.  Think of what could happen with 5,000 Sunday School teachers and leaders excited about sharing Jesus and teaching the Bible!  Be part of a group that is making a difference in the world.

4- The cost! Your gifts to the Cooperative Program cover about half of the event so we are able to provide this high quality training experience for only $10.  That is if you hurry and sign up.  Remember if you wait until the last minute it will cost you an additional $10.

5- The challenge!  Every location will have a different keynote speaker but we will all be sharing the same message.  We are going to challenge the Sunday School leaders and teachers to do something that is guaranteed to make a difference in your church and your community.  Join us to hear about the most effective tool we’ve discovered to MAKE DISCIPLES!

6- The encouragement!  You will get to meet other Sunday School teachers and leaders that live near you.  At each gathering you will have the opportunity to develop some friendships that will encourage you in your ministry.  The 200 to 400 at the SSTW with you share the same struggles and successes.  You will learn from each other!

7- The blessing!  When you return home you’ll have some new ideas and when you put those to work you are going to see God work some miracles.  It may be in the new way you teach or the new way your class reaches out.  It could be a new idea of ministering to a member but when we allow God to use us we are not only going to be blessed but we are also a blessing to others.

Don’t miss the 2013 Sunday School Training Workshops.  Dates, locations and registration for this event click here.