8 Commitments for All Sunday School Teachers and Small Group Leaders

Over the past few weeks I’ve had a couple of my friends post some very thoughtful posts on their blogs.  The first was eight commitments that Sunday School teachers should make and then another friend followed it up with eight commitments that small group leaders should make.  When I saw the titles of their posts I thought that their ideas for commitment would be similar.  But I was very surprised that their comments were different. So I decided I would share my ideas for “8 Commitments for All Sunday School Teachers and Small Group Leaders.”  Whether you lead an innovative group or serve as a teacher in a traditional class these commitments are for you.

1. “I have made a personal commitment of my life to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.”  A teacher/leader should be able to verbalize how their spiritual journey began and the difference that their commitment to Jesus is making in their daily life.

2. “I have made the commitment to living out God’s Word.”  Learning has not really taken place if no application has been put into practice.

3. “I have made a commitment to daily reading/study of the Bible.”  A teacher/leader will fail at their foundational goal if they are not progressing in spiritual growth.

4. “I have made a commitment to the local church where I teach/lead.”  Jesus came to establish the Church and one day will return to claim His bride.  If Jesus is really important to you then you will cherish His bride.

5. “I have made the commitment to teach the Bible.”  The Bible is not like any other book ever written.  It is God’s Word and thus has the power to change lives.  Sure there are wonderful curriculum guides available but the Bible must remain the text book of our classes/groups.

6. “I have made the commitment to organize my class/group to bring in new members and to care for members through consistent ministry.”  When a class/group fails to bring in new members or it fails to ministry to members that is an indication that application of the Bible teaching has failed.

7. “I have made the commitment to love all people.”  This commitment will be evident in how people are treated and in comments we make about people.  Those we are trying to lead, teach and/or reach will never respond if they are not convinced we really do value them as a person.

8. “I have made the commitment to reproduce myself and my class/group.”  This begins when a teacher/leader enlists someone that they can mentor.  It continues when a class/group starts new class/group.  This is the most difficult commitment for teachers/leaders but it may be the most rewarding.

Is my list perfect?  No!  There may be others that you can add but these are great start.