#reachthenextgen CONFERENCES – October 15 & 22, 2018

You’ve heard about the #reachthenextgen.com emphasis for Georgia Baptists and no doubt you’ve heard about the #reachthenextgen CONFERENCES happening Monday, October 15th in Augusta and Monday, October 22nd in Jonesboro. Both events will begin at 5:45 pm and conclude around 9:00 pm. But you are thinking that you and your leaders can’t participate because you’re 2-3 hours away. Well, we’ve got an option just for you that will be just like being there! We are going to LIVE STREAM the entire #reachthenextgen Conferences.

If you’ll go to the website listed below and look on the right side, you’ll notice the “Get the Live Stream” box. Just simply provide the needed information and then you’ll be added to the list for the live streaming. There is a small cost of $39 per day but you’ll get both kids and students conferences for that same price. For more information and to register click below.


To prepare for the conference I would encourage you to think about doing the following. Provide a lite-meal for workers. Set-up a separate room with TV w/ internet access for each kids and students. Hope this helps! If you have any questions, please reach out to me.

The #reachingthenextgen CONFERENCES will benefit your youth and children volunteer leaders such as a Sunday School teachers or small group Bible study leaders. Anybody that works with preschoolers, elementary aged children, middle schoolers or high schoolers will get lots of help at this training event. There will be separate training for kids leaders and student leaders.

Here’s the agenda for the evening as well as the topics to be covered.

  • Topic #1 – (6:45-7:05 pm) Leading Kids/Students to Christ
  • Topic #2 – (7:05-7:25 pm) Ideas to Help Kids/Student in Sharing Their Faith/Witnessing
  • Topic #3 – (7:25-7:45 pm) Equipping Parents of Kids/Students to be Spiritual Leaders of Their Families
  • BREAK – (7:45-8:00 pm)
  • Topic #4 – (8:00-8:20 pm) Recruiting, Training, & Retaining Effective Volunteers in Kids/Student Ministry
  • Topic #5 – (8:20-8:40 pm) Engaging Kids/Students to Read, Study and Live God’s Word
  • Topic #6 – (8:40-9:00 pm) Community and School Outreach: Reaching Kids/Students On Their Turf
  • Dismiss – (9:00 pm)
  • OPTIONAL Night Owl Q&A w/ Presenters – (9:00-9:30 pm)

The leaders for these topics are…

Kids – Maria Brannen, Scott Patrick, and Jason Hand

Students – Zach Mabry, Joe Payton, and Dr. Brent Baskins

WOW! Some of the finest leaders in Georgia covering some of the biggest issues related to kids and student ministry! Get your team together and join us through the LIVE STREAMING! 

If you have any questions or if I can help you or your church, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to seeing you and your kids and student leaders joining us on either Monday, October 15th or 22nd.