Adult Groups & Faith Development – Go Georgia 2018 – Feature Speaker: Three Types of Small Group Leaders…Which One Are You?

In my experience, there are three types of small group leaders… 1) Organizational,  2)Educational, and 3) Transformational. Every group leader needs to understand that there is only one type of group leader that accomplishes the primary expectation of Jesus, to make disciples.
The Organizational Leader has as their goal to make sure the group is efficient. This person spends much time making lists, creating schedules, and hosting meetings of leadership teams. This person often gives too much time to these three things.
The Educational Leader has as their goal to make sure the group is gaining knowledge. This person spends much time preparing to lead the Bible study. This type of leader has on their shelves (or favorited in his web browser) commentaries, study bibles, and any other books that aid them in preparing. This group leader type will spend as much time as necessary, up to 15 hours a week in many instances, in study so that they can TEACH those in his group. This person often gives an immense amount of time to preparing to lead a bible study and, in the process, makes amateur theologians but seldom makes mature disciples.
The Transformational Group Leader has as their goal to see group members shaped into Christ’s image. This person spends much of their time meeting with group members, being with them in various settings so they can model Christlikeness for them, studying the Word of God enough to be able to guide the Bible study conversation to application, and praying for them. The transformational group leader realizes that they aren’t the catalyst to transformation, rather the Holy Spirit is, and so the transformational group leader gives the bulk of the time they have as a group leader praying passionately for God to do what only He can do in those they’re shepherding.
Transformational Leadership should be the primary leadership style of every group leader. When this becomes number one and organizing the group and educating the group are put in their rightful place, the group leader will find their leadership identity, not in being efficient or in being scholarly but in seeing group members lives transformed more and more into the image of Jesus Christ.
I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to join you at the conference in August. Come join me in one or more of the following sessions I’ll be leading.
  • Ten Essential Awarenesses: Transformation in a Post-Christian Era
  • Eight Small Group Leader Essentials
  • What a Disciple Making Group Leader Does
  • Building Authentic Communities
See you in August!
Rick Howerton