Are we teaching for Biblical Literacy?

With the recent research from Lifeway research in the Nothing Less book by Jana Magruder, we have to ask ourselves as Kids Ministry leaders and teachers – Are we teaching for Biblical literacy?

Mark Jones (Mr. Mark’s Classroom and Children’s Pastor at Quail Springs Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, OK) addresses this in this blog article and video.  He  granted his permission for us to feature it related to our Kids in the Word initiative:

Click the link to view original blog article and video from  Mr. Mark’s Classroom

It is scary to think we could be looking at the first generation of biblically illiterate kids. Yes, the kids we are teaching right now. I’m not even convinced their parents are biblically literate. These are the future leaders of our churches. Please take a moment and think with me about this. When I was a kid, we were in church two to three times a week. Now, kids are in church two to three times a month.  We were hearing the Bible taught about 150 times a year, but now they hear it about 50 times a year. At the most, they might know some stories, but that can easily be mixed up with other stories or possibly stories not from the Bible. What are we to do? 

In this podcast training episode, I want to describe to some things we are starting in our Sunday morning small group Bible studies. It is slow, but at least we are pushing in the right direction to see something established that promotes biblical literacy in the teacher, in the classroom instruction, and in the home. What are you doing to ensure biblical literacy is happening?

Your Friend, 
Mr. Mark