Caring for Your Group

Caring for your Sunday School class or Small Group is essential to the life of the group. Most people are in a group whether it is in church or not. It could be that groups you see in a local fast food restaurant on a weekday morning or a group that meets that have a common interest. The difference in kingdom minded groups are many and one of those is how we care for one another. Below are some ideas on how we can best care for one another in our groups.

Pray for your group – This list of name that you have are a prayer list. Each person should be prayed for on a regular basis. This reminds us of the needs that they have in their lives.
Pray in your group – Share needs and pray. This is best done in smaller clusters rather than one person leading in prayer over every need.
Connect with your group – Email, Facebook, Twitter, Text, and other means of electronic connections allow for quick updates about the needs and celebrations of those in the group. This does not minimize the personal phone call or hand written note.
Connect with your group regularly – We need to have some kind of touch in the lives of every person on our list at least once a month.
Connect with key events in the lives of people – Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations; births are all things we can celebrate. Deaths, sickness, divorce, and other difficulties in the lives of people give us ministry opportunity.
Connect with events outside the church – Groups socials build relationships and strengthens caring. Doing ministry and missions together does this to a greater degree.