Christ Connections – A Year of Family Mission Projects


hand-1549135_1920January – Cook soup or chili and take to a neighbor who needs cheering up, is elderly, or a family where there has been an illness/death/hospitalization.  Let your children create cards/pictures for them.

February – Send Valentine Cards to Senior Adults in your church, Military personnel serving overseas, someone who needs a friend, etc.

March – Pray for North American Missionaries.  Collect money for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for Missions in North America.  Be creative in how you save your money.  Give up eating out one day each week this month and donate the money you would have spent on eating out as a family to missions!

April – Collect toiletry products (shampoo, combs, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, lotion) and donate to a local homeless shelter, children’s home, or nursing home.  If possible, let the whole family help deliver them.

May – Collect food/canned goods to share with a local food pantry.  Check out your local association to see if they have one or if a neighboring church or ministry has one.

June – Participate in a family Mission Trip.  If your church/association does not offer one, create your own!  When your family takes vacation this summer, designate a day or half a day for a “mini-mission trip.”  You can contact the local Baptist Association or a church in the area to see if there is a need that your family can help out with.  Perhaps it might be volunteering for a day at a food pantry or doing cleanup at an elderly person’s home in that community.  Or you may want to do a family prayer walk/prayer drive in the area.

July – Make meals/sandwiches or serve a meal for a local homeless shelter or local ministry that provides food for Families in need.  Contact your local Baptist Association if you need help finding a place to serve.

August – Collect school supplies/backpacks for needy children in your area.  If your church does not already do this, contact your local Baptist Association or a local ministry that works with families in need.  (Tip:  Make sure you catch all the great back to school sales and purchase supplies for very cheap.  This is a great way to share more without spending more!)

September – Pray for your State Missionaries.  Save and collect money for State Missions.  Be creative in how you save your money.  Donate the coffee/coke money you would spend each day this month.

October – Have a family Prayer Walk.  Pick a day that your family can spend an hour or two prayer walking.  Suggested areas: your school, your subdivision, your church, or any other place you may want to think of!

November – Take time as a family to send out Thank you/Thanksgiving Cards to others: Church staff, people who have made a difference in the life of your family, senior adults, or nursing home residents (Personally deliver these to the residents if possible).

December – Collect Money for Lottie Moon.  Put a bank on your kitchen/Dining table and insert all extra change for the month.  Be creative in how you save money.  Consider what your family is spending on Christmas gifts.  “Buy” Jesus a Christmas Gift by giving the amount to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering that your family is spending on its most expensive gift for Christmas.

Operation Christmas Child – Fill boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  You could do one family box or either fill the number of boxes that you have children in your family.  For example – if you have 3 children – do 3 boxes!