Christ Connections – Valentine’s Idea

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought I’d share an idea that can be used at home or church.

You will need a few basic supplies for the following activity:

Cardstock heart shapes, heart sticky notes, or use a graphic design program on your computer to create hearts that you can cut out, a basket, sharpie, and a couple of pens



Choose a verse on love that is age appropriate for your children.  Write one word per heart (don’t forget the reference).  Scramble the verse (or hide the verse and have your children find the hearts) and then (as a family) put the verse in order.  Discuss the verse and what it means/life application.  Several verse suggestions and discussion starters are:



John 3:16 – How did God show his love for us?
Romans 5:8 – How did God show his great love for us?
1 John 4:19 – Why do we love?  Or who loved us first?
1 John 4:20 – Can we love God and hate our brother?
1 John 4:21 – Do we show love for our family members/friends? How can we do this?