Church Facility Analysis and Consultation

“Our CFA&C consultant provided a professional and personal approach to analyzing our space challenges. He presented creative solutions which made the process of designing new facilities a pleasant experience! He knew what questions to ask, and provided the information we needed to make wise decisions with confidence!”

Todd Wright, Lead Pastor
Midway Church
Villa Rica, Ga

Isaiah 54:2 “Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes.”

“The first step in leading the church toward growth, health and vitality.”

“An investment that is worth the cost and the effort.”

The Church Facility Analysis and Consultation (CFA&C) is a process to assist a local church in making proper decisions through a detailed analysis of the church facilities and how to best accommodate people in worship, small groups and parking.

The goal of the CFA&C is to provide a church with information needed to provide a healthy balance of all space in order to facilitate and accommodate future growth.

How can a Church Facility Analysis and Consultation Assist Your Church?

Is your church out of space? Are you looking to build another building? Are you planning on relocating your church facilities? Are you planning on remodeling? How much space to you actually have? Do you need to make better use of the present space?

Providing excellent quality and the appropriate quantity of space for worship, Sunday School, fellowship, parking and land are crucial elements in planning for the growth of your church. Knowing your space potential and limitations will assist you in your planning for future growth, use of facilities and the development of future facilities.

The Church Facility Analysis and Consultation will help you understand the purpose of space, how to effectively use existing space, and how to plan for future space needs.

What Can You Expect from a Church Facility Analysis and Consultation?

The process is ….

Step #1

Contact Sunday School/Small Group Ministries to inquire about a CFA&C:

Mike Taylor, CFA&C Coordinator

Georgia Baptist Convention
6405 Sugarloaf Parkway, Duluth, GA 30097
770-936-5286 or 1-800-746-4422, ext. 286

Step #2

Send in all forms and payment:

The fee for the CFA&C is $350. Payment and the completed forms must be submitted before the SS/SGM office can take action on your request. Download and complete the four forms below with the $350 fee.

Step #3

A CFA&C Consultant will be assigned to your church:

We have several qualified individuals across the state that have experience in church building and facilities and have been trained by SS/SGM of the GBC. The assigned CFA&C Consultant will contact you to arrange the date and time for the actual on-site consultation.

Step #4

On-site Consultation Confirmation:

The CFA&C Consultant will send a confirmation letter or email for the date and time of the on-site consultation. It is not required but it would be helpful for you to respond to the confirmation and include directions to the church as well a floor plan of your church facilities including all rooms. This does not have to be an architectural drawing. It can be hand drawn it helps just to know where all the rooms are located.

Step #5

CFA&C is performed on-site:

The CFA&C Consultant will meet with the pastor (& others, if previously arranged) at the agreed upon time. The consultation generally will last a minimum of two hours. During the on-site consultation the CFA&C Consultant will need to meet privately with the pastor, share the preliminary CFA&C report for discussion with those enlisted by the pastor and finally tour the church facilities and grounds.

Step #6

CFA&C Final Report will be sent to the pastor. This CFA&C Final Report will include:

Statistical history of your church for the past 10 years with charts.
Present space needs analysis for Sunday School/Small Groups, worship, fellowship, parking, land usage and a summary.
A detailed study of all Sunday School/Small Group classes that can be used to make adjustments in room assignments.
Projections of your church’s growth over the next 5 years.
Recommendations on Sunday School/Small Group, worship and parking spaces needed to reach specific growth goals.
Customized observations and recommendations related to the needs of the church buildings.

Download the following Forms:

1. Church Facilities Request Form
2. Church Facilities Data Worksheet
3. Present and Previous Year Church Statistical Data
4. Church Facilities Analysis & Consultation Sunday School/Small Group Space Usage Form

*There is a free version but an on-site visit, analysis of previous years, projections for future growth, nor observations and recommendations will not be included. It will include present church facilities capacity report.

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