As I traveled around the state to attend VBS at various churches I discovered that churches get very creative with the ways they find to use the VBS Tablecloth. I thought you might enjoy seeing some of ways I encountered:
1 – Here the tablecloth is used as part of the window treatment.IMG_2344








2 – A box needed to be decorated, so the VBS tablecloth was used creatively to do so.IMG_2355
3 – Here the mantel was covered with the tablecloth.IMG_2345
4 – In this picture, a small part of the VBS tablecloth was cut out to be used as decoration.IMG_2422








5 – Here the tablecloth is used on a long walkway wall to decorate on the outside of the church building.IMG_2346
6 – No jungle floor would be complete without a VBS tablecloth.IMG_2442








7 – Here the tablecloth is used at the snacks serving line.IMG_2445
8 – And of course if a staff member is going to get a pie in the face or be slimed, then the floor certainly needs to be protected by the VBS tablecloth.IMG_2616




We get very creative during VBS, but are you finding creative ways to continue the connections with those that attended your VBS. I would love to hear how you’re intentionally reaching out to families that you discovered during your VBS. Let us know what you’re doing so we can encourage other churches to continue the connections they made.