Dealing with a Difficult Group

Most Sunday School Directors or Small Group Leadership have experienced this issue. It is that group that meets in the third room on the left in your Sunday School or that Small Groups that meets on Tuesday night on Mulberry Street. They seem to be the one that we struggle with the most. They are not going in the same direction as the rest of the church. They are the difficult group. Here are some suggestions that might help.

Pray for them. As a leader of groups in your church you should be praying for each one each week. Pray that God would speak to your heart about them and pray that God would help this group know and do His will for their group.
Personally connect with the group regularly. If it is a Sunday School class stop by regularly and greet their members and guests before they start. With a small group you could bring a snack for them and let them know that you are praying for them.
Keep them in the loop. Make sure they are getting all the communications that every other group gets. They need to know that they are part of something bigger than themselves.
Invite and anticipate them being connected. Each group needs a regular “on ramp” to get back with the larger ministry of the church.
Provide opportunities for them to be outward focused. Most groups that are difficult are focused on themselves. We are about the business of reaching and discipling people.
Spend personal time with the teacher/coach. This will give great insight into the issues of that group. They will spend more time with this group than you will. They will influence the group for good or for bad.
A single group should never direct Sunday School or Small Group ministry of the church. Each group should be encouraged to be a part overall strategy that is laid out for reaching and discipling people.
Don’t wait on difficult groups. The mission and ministry of the church cannot be hindered by such a group. Make your plans and move ahead always encouraging and inviting them to be on board.
Love them. Jesus died for them and He loves them. So should you.