Discovering Preschool and Children’s Class Leaders

By Jenni Carter

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As a Children’s Ministry Leader, do you find that your best friends start avoiding you and people begin to suddenly duck into classrooms when they see you walking down the hall?  You may be guilty of asking the same people to lead Preschool and Children’s classes year after year.


One of the best places to discover new leaders is at VBS.  Look for VBS leaders that plan and prepare, enjoy what they’re doing, and lead great sessions.  Also look at those who serve on a monthly rotation during your Extended Teaching Care or Kids Worship Hours.  There may be someone who would be willing to begin serving on a weekly basis.  Always watch for individuals that have a natural rapport with children and that children are drawn to be around.  You can pair these people with some of your best teachers so that they can be mentored while they serve together.  Make a point to get away from the Children’s Area occasionally so that you can get to know people who aren’t already serving there.  Become acquainted with parents of the children, but also consider grandparents, singles, or married couples who don’t have children.  Always pray that God will guide you to those He is calling to serve in Children’s Ministry.

Begin casting a vision for Children’s Ministry through testimonies, videos, and pictures.  Individuals don’t want to simply fill a time slot, but they are more drawn to make a difference in a child’s life.  Always remember to follow the church’s plan for safety by running background checks and other safety measures when enlisting leaders.