Do Every Sunday Well

rocket-red-orange-fireworksMost churches I know of have special events.  It might be a concert, revival, conference, holiday events or other special things the church might do.  We invest lots of resources to make sure these events are successful.  We need to consider the people we are seeking to reach and disciple.  Yes, these events can be a great first time connection with people and we need to do that.  There is something else we need to consider.  What about the Sunday following our special event?  We need to be prepared when they come back as we will ask them to do.  

 Here are 5 thoughts that make a difference every Sunday.

    • Prepare for company.  Make sure the facility is ready, the leaders are trained and greeters are in place.
    • Promote what we do weekly well.  The church sign (website) is up to date and attractive printed material is done with excellence.
    • Plan for follow-up.  Get guest information and follow-up quickly weekly. They have expressed an interest in your church, express an interest in them.
    • Provide a group for every age every week.  Small groups on Sunday morning or other day provide a place for people to have community through the Bible Study.
  • Present to the gospel clearly and regularly through worship, groups, or personally.

We need to do an average Sunday well.  People that are searching spiritually or maybe looking for a church home are not seeking an event or a day to make a long term difference in their lives.  They need a consistent church that will reach and disciple them every Sunday.