What do you know about the Cooperative Program?  An even better question is “What do you think the kids at your church know about the Cooperative Program?”  My guess is that in most of our churches today very few children have any idea what the Cooperative Program is and why it’s so important.  (Probably only a few adults know as well). 

So we’ve come up with a plan to have some fun during your VBS Worship Rally and help children learn a little more about the Cooperative Program.  In this brochure we have five days of simple games to play with the kids.  Most of the supplies you need for the games you already have or you can purchase at a Dollar or Discount store. On one side of the brochure there are games like tossing balls in a laundry basket or playing putt-putt with a putter, ball, and cup.  On the other side of the brochure is a picture of a missionary or ministry that is supported with gifts given through the Cooperative Program.  There is also an explanation of how the game ties to the missionary or ministry.  Some of the missionaries are IMB, some are NAMB, and others are Georgia Baptist Missionaries.  We mailed one of these brochures to every Baptist church in Georgia.  

We are also including a link to the brochure in this blog so that everyone will have access to it.  Our prayer that you will consider giving your VBS Missions Offering through the Cooperative Program.  This brochure will help the kids put a face and a ministry with the offering that they give.  

Even if you don’t plan to use this brochure for your VBS, use it some time with the children at your church so that they can learn more about the Cooperative Program.  To get more information about the Cooperative Program, go to  If you didn’t receive the brochure, contact Sharon at 770-936-2286 to order one.