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“Secrets from the Ancient Paths” is a nine-session study from Experience Israel Now that will take your group on a virtual tour of some of the Bible’s most familiar stories. Visit the battlefield where David defeated Goliath. Walk the streets of Jerusalem and stand on shore of the Sea of Galilee. And yes, you can visit the place where Jesus assured his disciples that “the Gates of Hades” would not prevail against them.

We’re so convinced that you’ll love this series, we’re giving the first lesson away for free! Try “On this Rock” with your small-group, classroom or church Bible study group. We think you’ll immediately return for more!


Here is the FREE video lesson from Experience Israel Now.  One of a series of small-group Bible studies offered from Experience Israel Now. This study follows Jesus and his disciples to Caesarea Philippi, scene of one of the most well known passages in Matthew’s gospel. Using “fly-in” video from Google Earth and actual video from the Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, Omrit and Caesarea Philippi, Pastor Andy Cook leads more than a virtual tour of Israel. The lessons found here are like many others that can be found in the Land of the Bible. They are “Secrets from the Ancient Paths!” For a free leader’s guide and handouts for students, visit experienceisraelnow.com.

On This Rock 1742 from Experience Israel Now