FOUR Relationship Group Strategies 

By Mark Miller


Transformational Discipleship happens best in the context of relationships.  Getting people connected to a group makes them the specific responsibility of a group and gives focus to group leaders to build relationships for reaching, teaching, and ministry.

WHAT DO I DO?Classes are the first relationship strategy built into Sunday School, but how do you join a class or a group.  The traditional word that we have used is to ENROLL.  They become a member of the group.  The group still need to move them to a place where they feel loved and accepted.

  1. Ministry Touches. Every member and every prospect should be contacted every week.  Why? Because every member has a right
    1. To be called by name.
    2. To be missed when absent.
    3. To be encouraged when faithful.
    4. To be admonished to grow in Christ likeness.
    5. To be ministered to in time of need.
    6. To be prayed for regularly.
  2. On and Off Campus group should plan parties and projects to foster stronger relationships with members and prospects.  Remember to invite every guest, every prospect and every associate member to each fellowship.  Have FUN!
  3. Class Leaders. Who’s responsible for insuring that your classes are engaged in: Teaching, Outreach, Ministry, Fellowships, Missions, and Prayer. Every class regardless of size should have at least three leaders: A teacher, outreach/evangelism leader, and a member care leader.

Growing groups are intentional about building relationships.


Mark Miller, Tennessee Baptist Convention