Go Georgia 2017: Student Groups & Faith Development

Are you content with status quo? Do you have a desire to get better as a leader? More-so, do you have a desire to see more students come to Christ? Clearly no one would ever decline an opportunity to grow, and certainly we all want to improve. However, the pace of our schedule and the rhythm of our calendar often prohibits us from doing the disciplined work of self- improvement. Consider accepting a challenge to attend one of two Go Georgia conferences this August.

Go Georgia is a total church life conference, and we are proud to offer several intentional seminars to help you grow as a leader and be more effective in student ministry. Here are just a few of the wonderful sessions you could experience:
  • Learn how to work together with other churches in your community to create a network committed to reaching students,
  • Engage your students in missions by learning how to create effective missions experiences both locally and away from your community,
  • Understand the hurt your kids experience and learn how to better counsel them,
  • Help your parents keep their kids safer online and learn how to use technology effectively,
  • Learn five strategic questions to effectively navigate confrontational conversations,
  • Discover new ways to effectively communicate to your parents,
  • Stop being a lone ranger, and develop a team of people in your church to reach students, and
  • Develop the skill to teach and lead Bible studies more effectively.
  • Between both locations there are thirteen seminars that target student ministry. Mark your calendar and make plans today to join us in Marietta this August 18-19, or in Tifton this August 25-26. You can even register right now at gogeorgia.net.
  • Please know that the Student Groups and Faith Development department of your Georgia Baptist Mission Board stands ready to partner with you in your mission to advance the Gospel by reaching students. Feel free to call our office at anytime by dialing 1-800-746-4422, or visit us online at gabaptist.org/youth or studentministrynetwork.com.