Go:21 – Students Immersed in Missions

Experiencing a Bedouin wedding, learning of Chinese culture, and broadening awareness of the church in Panama was just part of the missions immersion weekend recently experienced by middle and high school students across the state. Known as Go:21, this two-day experience afforded students an opportunity to connect as part of a foreign people group to develop a heart for missions across the world and even in the local community.

The two-day event featured a jam-packed schedule including worship services, mission projects, people group cultural experiences, church group times of reflection, cultural exchanges, and more. As students learned more about the world around them, there are prayerful expectations that God will grow in them a heart for missions around the world.

At the same time, much of the disciple-making content challenged the students to recognize the simple ways they can impact their local community for the Gospel each day. To help support this idea, the students spent time on various mission activities throughout the city. Food banks, nursing home ministry, wood chopping ministry, and more exposed students to seek out ministry opportunities in their local communities. During an afternoon share time, several students commented on the impact this mission activity had on them seeing the potential for their small acts of obedience to point others to Christ. 

As a joint effort organized by Georgia Baptist Women, Student Groups and Faith Development, Pinnacle Retreat Center, former IMB missionaries, and the Northeast Area Mission; this event promoted the Cooperative Program while also modeling true cooperation.

As Georgia Baptists continue in our mission to reach the next generation, we must consider the value of events like Go:21 and even go further to explore opportunities in each local church community to live out the awareness of other cultures and the commitment to show the love of Jesus every day.