Growing Groups Online: How do I choose a Child’s Bible?

As parents and Kids Ministry Leaders, we want the kids in our lives to have a love for God and His Word, to spend time in His Word. However as the national stats reveal, Biblical literacy is in decline:

• In 2012, LifeWay Research surveyed almost 3,000 Protestant churchgoers . . . The results were staggering—only 19% of them read the Bible daily.

• Unfortunately, some teens are finding it difficult to find time to engage with the Bible. According to the Teen State of the Bible research, 14 percent of teens surveyed said their Bible reading declined in the last year. The number one reason given for the decline (41 percent) was being too busy with life’s responsibilities.

What can we do to change this trend? A first step is to be intentional in choosing a Child’s Bible.
See the video below for some helpful tips and recommendations.