His Space, Not Yours

Things we need to remember about classroom space at church.

Church buildings are a tool that God has given us for the purpose of reaching and discipling people.  We can become attached to our facilities in such a way that does not enhance great commission work but discourages it.  Here are five things we need to remember about His space that we use for His glory.

  • monastery-569368_1920It is His room and not ours.  If this is taken to heart it can transform how we approach the use of our space.
  • It must be ready.  If we are about the business of reaching people then we need to have His space ready for company.  Yes, expect company.  Have enough space, clean and appropriately arranged for the group that will be meeting in that space.
  • It must be flexible.  Churches that are growing or planning to grow must view every space as temporary for any group.  Groups will grow at different rates at different times.  Space then should and will shift as needs arise.  We must tell our group that this space is temporary from the beginning.
  • It must be neighborly.  From time to time groups can be disruptive to one another.  We should not complain that God is at work in a different way in a different room.  Take time to pray for those neighbors and what is going on.  Sometimes God’s work is noisy but completely appropriate for those who are being discipled.
  • It must be shared.  If it is His space and not ours, then He has the prerogative of others using it as well.  This can be messy at times but so is ministry.  What a blessing for your group to pray for and support the other group that meets in His space (not yours).  We are serving the Lord together, not in silos.

Remember whose we are.  We are His children as believers in Christ.  We are the Bride of Christ as His church; therefore, we own nothing at the church facility.  It is His.  Let’s work together for His glory and honor.