How to Judge Children’s Bible Drill

Based on phone calls and questions I have received over the years, related to how to judge Children’s Bible Drill,  we have produced a couple of videos to assist Churches and Associations.

Both of these videos are a resource you can use to train your Church and Associational Bible Drill Judges.  I encourage you to use these for new judges as well as a review for individuals who have previously served as judges.

A few tips related to judging Children’s Bible Drill:

1.     Secure your judges 2-3 months in advance.

2.     Send out an e-mail to your judges team 2-4 weeks before the drill communicating the details regarding the drill and judges meeting.  You may want to include an attachment of the Children’s Bible Drill Score Sheet and the links to the Bible Drill Judge training videos for advance review.

3.     When you meet with the judges – discuss any questions the judges have from the videos if you sent them out in advance or take time to view and discuss as a group.

4.     For the Drill, provide Judges a  folder with the score sheet and a copy of the call sheet that will be used in the drill along with a clipboard and a couple of pencils.

5.     Following the drill, send your judges a thank you note.  You may want to include a small gift of appreciation.

Judging Children’s Bible Drill Training - Part 1 covers Bible Drill Judging Basics

Judging Children’s Bible Drill Part 2 – covers Common Questions related to Judging Children’s Bible Drill