Keep Group Socials Focused on those who need Christ

peopletogetherToo many of our group socials are about us and what we want and not about them and what they need. There are those who we might know who need to know Jesus.  Every group social that we plan needs to keep the lost in mind.  Here are some simple steps that will aid in your planning to make your socials more open to those who need Christ.

  • Socials should be accessible. Think about the time, location and cost of an event that you are planning.  These can prohibit people from attending because of hardships placed on those we are seeking to reach.
  • Socials should be available. Understand that most classes will only have 40-60 percent of its members in attendance. To announce your socials to the most faithful will result in most faithful attending.  Promote well with announcements, email, social media and phone calls.  Everyone should be welcome regardless of their attendance when your group meets.
  • Encourage members to bring friends to your socials. Some will attend a social event that might not attend your regular group meeting. Have socials that will relate well to the age group and the things they enjoying doing together.
  • Plan socials that are a mission project or are connected to a mission project. It is about them and not us.  We should be reaching out to people who need Christ to attend our socials and our socials themselves should be reaching out to others.