Keys to Setting Goals

By Dr. Tim S. Smith

goalsettingIf your Sunday School class is dying it could be because that is your goal!   You say, “That would never be my goal!”, but if you don’t have a clearly stated set of goals then you have no real direction or purpose and “where there is no vision the people perish”.

You need to have goals set for your class.


  • When you set goals for or with your Sunday School class it provides you with a tool to measure your progress toward your mission or purpose.
  • When you have goals set for your class and the group is working toward those goals it moves them toward real Christian fellowship.
  • When you have goals and you are evaluating the progress (or lack of it) toward those goals, it makes you aware of the areas that need attention and a little more effort.
  • When you have goals you need to remember that its ok to make some mid-course corrections. The only thing written in stone is our mission (Matthew 28:18-20)

What To Do!

Bring your class together for a goal setting session.  Remind them of the purpose, for my class its “teach the Bible for changed lives, share the good news of Jesus to reach the lost and care for people through prayer, ministry and fellowship”.  In my situation we would set goals for three specific areas; teach, share and care.  You let your group help is setting the goals for your class.  My suggestion for my group would be something like this…

  1. TEACH – each week we will have at least 3 members; other than the teacher, involved in leading the Bible study session.
  2. SHARE – each week we will report that we shared the Gospel with at least 10 lost people.
  3. CARE – each week we will call and pray for every member of our group.