Kids in the Word


  •    In 2012, LifeWay Research surveyed almost 3,000 Protestant churchgoers  . . . The results were staggering—only 19% of them read the Bible daily. [i]

In order to reach the next generation and help our kids grow in their faith, we’ve got to be intentional in helping change this trend.  As parents and Kids Ministry leaders, we want children to treasure God’s Word and develop a love for it.  We want them to have a Bible of their own, to spend time using it, reading it, and to learn about God and His Great Story from it.  

Kids in the Word is an opportunity to help change this trend.  The purpose of Kids in the Word is to help churches in their mission of reaching and discipling the next generation.  There is no better tool than God’s Word to accomplish both evangelism and discipleship.  Through Kids in the Word, churches will be encouraged to get their kids reading the Bible, memorizing scripture and developing Bible Skills.  As a result, Kids in the word is a strategy rather than a program that can be used by churches of all sizes and incorporated into their existing Kid’s Ministry.  The strategy will be intentional in helping increasing Biblical literacy among our kids and to help develop Bible Skills.  There are FOUR initiatives for the churches that commit to the strategy . . .

  1. Every Kid Has a Bible
  2. Every Kid Knows the Books of the Bible.
  3. Every Kid Reads a Book of the Bible during the same year.
  4. Every Kid Memorizes at least 10 Bible Verses.