Kids in Worship


  1. 1. the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity.

Most of the time when we think of worship, we think of the particular service we attend on a Sunday morning. Worship is much more that a service. It is a lifestyle and an action towards the God that saved us and loves us still.

As adults, it is our job to teach children that same lifestyle. We can do that in many ways, but one way is to include our children in the worship services. When children enter first grade, we welcome them into our services on a weekly basis. Even though it is a somewhat challenging shift to have them worshipping alongside us as parents, it has eternal benefits.

We want children to worship alongside us in order to see multiple generations worshipping together, to see the ordinances of a worship service, and most importantly to see their own parents in worship.

As parents, how can you help a child be successful in a worship service?

  1. Start your Sunday on Saturday– It always seems that Sunday mornings are harder than any other morning of the week. To help with morning routine, before your family goes to bed on Saturday,
    • lay out everything your family might need for the next morning; clothes, Bible, offering, etc.
    • Not only should our material items be prepared but our attitude. Talk about Sunday to our children before we wake up on Sunday morning. Help build their excitement for going to the Lord’s house on Sunday.
  2. Look for teachable moments during a service.
    • Explain parts of the service that might be confusing. Explain to your child what baptism means as it is happening or why we take up an offering.
    • Learn beforehand when Lord’s Supper will be served so you can discuss what the elements stand for.
    • Encourage your child to stand and sing along with you.
    • Help your child find the scripture verses being read in their own Bible.
    • Look for ways they can meet and serve others around them in the service.
  3. Participate in worship yourself- Your children are watching you to see your involvement. If you are engaged, they will be engaged. If you are using your Bible, then they will want to use their own Bible.

Our desire at FBC Monroe, is for children to learn how to worship by watching others worship. We want to include them in worship services so that they become worshippers themselves as they listen and participate.


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Post used with permission:

Shannon Radosevich
Minister to Children, FBC Monroe