Kids Ministry Tip- Making the Most of Teaching Kit Items

One of the best places to find additional teaching resources is previously used kit items.  The best part of this is that are free!  Many times I can find things to repurpose for Bible Skill activities.

For example, here are a few items I saved from LifeWay’s Submerged material after we did VBS at our church:

Memory Verse posters:

-John 3:16 – Green Cycle Children’s Bible Drill (current cycle)
-Luke 19:10 – Blue Cycle Children’s Bible Drill
-1 John 4:19 – Red Cycle Children’s Bible Drill
-Psalm 139:14 – Youth Bible Drill – Cycle 2
-Psalm 139:23-24 – Youth Bible Drill – Cycle 3 (current cycle)

Check out this video for a few ideas on how you can be on the lookout for items to use.