Mentoring Students to Share their faith through Student Speakers Competition

bubble-309546_1280Amazing students are all around us.  Students who are living their faith out at a deeper level  – Students that are involved in missions, sharing their faith, and/or who feel called into ministry.

Are we, as a church and as parents, taking the time to mentor and disciple these students at a deeper level?  One great tool to use in mentoring these students in their personal discipleship and in developing their ability to share their faith is the Student Speakers Competition.

This tool helps 10th-12th grade students learn how to share their faith more passionately and to become better communicators.  Student Speakers Competition helps build confidence and helps prepare them for a lifetime of success and service.  In addition to the Discipleship opportunity, our State Winner also receives the Jenny Roger Memorial Scholarship to be used at the College of their choice.  If they choose to attend Shorter, Brewton Parker or Truett-McConnell, there is an additional $4,000 scholarship.

If you are a student and want to speak more confidently, share your faith more passionately, have some fun, and maybe win a college scholarship, then join us in the Student Speakers Competition.  If you are a pastor, a minister, or a church leader – identify 2-3 students in your church and encourage them in this area of growing in their faith!

To learn more about Student Speakers click HERE