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New curriculum for single moms and their teens endorsed by Dr. Charles Stanley, Kay Arthur and more.

“If a single mom will follow these Principles, there is no way she can fail.”  Dr. Charles Stanley


Shocking Single Mom Statistics

**Single moms are the fastest growing population in the world today. 

**95% of single mothers are un-churched, for they feel they do not fit in or are judged.

**Single Moms are leaving the church at a rapid pace for the same reasons above.

**58% of the births in the USA are to a single mother

**There are over 19 Million Single Mothers in the USA which means 18 Million are un-churched

**There are over 47 Million children being raised by a Single Mom which means 46 Million are un-churched.


The traditional family as we know it, with the biological mother and father under the same roof, is rare to find these days.  Unfortunately, the children being raised by a single parent encompasses our next generation to come.  With single mothers and their children being the highest un-churched population in the world today, one can only imagine what our future leaders are going to become and the impact this will have on our world now and for the generations to come.

It is imperative the church recognize and embrace an in-house ministry or class, as well as an outreach, to single mothers.  The familiar line, “If you build it they will come,” is one that rings true for a new series called Hope & Help for the Single Mom.  Single mothers want to come to church, and they are only looking for the safe door to walk through.  Hope & Help for the Single Mom offers the church a tool to use for a Sunday morning class, a small group, discipleship, care home or life group and outreach.

Based off of twenty-one verses of scripture, Hope & Help for the Single mom will get single mothers healthy and whole who in turn raise healthy whole children and stop this madness. Pastors around the world using Hope & Help for the Single Mom are saying the single moms applying these twenty-one verses of scripture are the healthiest part of their church body.  

Marsha Crowe, Women’s Ministry Director of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, said she watched the single mothers in her Hope & Help for the Single Mom class go from merely surviving to flourishing in all areas of their life from these twenty-one verses of scripture.

Author Lori Little raised her son Eric on these twenty-one verses of scripture, and now he has released his book Hope & Help for Teens raised by a Single Parent.  Eric is sharing his story through his eyes how God led him to victory in all areas of his life from a young child to adulthood, and how these verses shaped his character, built his confidence and taught him respect. 

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