MORE Expo 2014 Information!

We want you to get the most of your 2014 Expo experience. There is still time to register and be a part of this awesome event at First Baptist Church Jonesboro. Look below to see how this Expo can help you in the years to come.

Breakout Title/Description

Church Development Services
Now That Money is Available, What Strategy Will Work for You! – This session will be focused on how to make your financial reports work for you in getting construction and permanent financing. Why the church should be an example in financial accountability to the body? What steps are necessary when getting prepared for an expansion campaign?
Church Development Services
Why Getting Wisdom Is Better Than Gold? What Separates Success From Disappointment – This session will be focused on the areas that generate the most problems for Churches going into and through an expansion campaign.
Church Development Services
Delivery- When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Be There … What Method (s) Should You Consider And When Do You Put The team In Place – This session will be focused on traditional and contemporary delivery (construction) methods. Best practices will be discussed regarding the risks the owner and the construction team have, how the parties are held accountable, how the team is put together, and examples of what works for different types of projects.
Cool Solutions Group
Creating Capital Reserves – How does your church address capital replacement? Do you cross your finger and hope for the best? Do you have to do a capital campaign to raise funds every time an HVAC system goes down? There is a better way… Capital Reserve Planning. Learn means and methods of proper planning, life cycle management, baseline calculations and tools.
Cool Solutions Group
The Church Facilities Of The Future – Church facilities are not what they used to be. Churches have found homes in an enormous variety of spaces. Big Boxes. Schools. Warehouses. Theaters. We’ll explore the pros and cons of these options as well as look at the facility components that are likely to continue to shape our ministry facilities.
Cool Solutions Group
Facility Stewardship 101 – We are not entitled to our ministry facilities. They have been entrusted to us to steward. We will discuss the theology of Facility Stewardship and how we can best honor God through proactive management and care of our facilities.
Cool Solutions Group (Keynote Speaker Topic)
Why Church Buildings Matter – Based on his book by the same title, Tim will discuss how our church facilities communicate a story to our community and church family. The church campus tells a story. Stories are all around us, in virtually every aspect of our daily experiences, which means that our church and ministry facilities also tell a story. In this general session, several key questions about church facilities are answered: How does church space support the story of the people? How does the church space prime the heart, minds, and emotions of your guests? How does your facility bring people into the story of the church?
Disability Connections
The Church Tapestry – Assess and Modify for Accessibility 1. Identify what Americans with Disability Act’s requirements apply to congregations/churches. 2. Discuss strategies on how to approach and impact the leadership of congregations to fully accept and include members and guests with disabilities. 3. Develop understanding and ability to utilize the Access Church Life Accessibility Survey and how to use it with the interactive DVD to make very specific and technical accessibility recommendations for facilities and programs to assist congregations/churches in becoming inclusive and accessible to people with disabilities. Attendees will get an understanding how the tools work and be confident in presenting the barriers to leaders without having to be an ADA expert.
Foreman Seeley Fountain Architecture
Why Selecting The Right Architect Matters – If church building matter, then hiring the right architect matters even more. This session will outline how to select the best architect for your church. What qualities should you look for in architects that design church buildings? Does firm size matter? How many firms should be interviewed? What questions should be asked? How does construction delivery method impact architect selection? The process outlined in this session should help you decide on the best architect for your church.
HH Architects
Knowing When to Build or Expand – The excitement of seeing new faces walking through your church’s door each week can soon elicit a different emotion for church leadership…we are out of space, what should we do next? Add more services, start/add a satellite campus, build bigger. Often, more than one option appears viable, however, the question remains, which option is the best stewardship of the church’s resources. Join us for a conversation on how church leaders are removing the guesswork from facility planning and learn how to develop expansion plans that create ministry balance for your campus.
LifeWay Church Interiors Inc.
Renovating Your Traditional Sanctuary Into A Blended Worship Facility – Many churches throughout the United States have been challenged to find ways to accommodate both Traditional and Contemporary worship styles. Our job as a church renovation company is to help theses churches update their worship facilities to provide a space that is both equipped to handle new modern praise music and video, while maintaining a traditional and reverent worship space. We perform platform modifications to enhance worship flexibility, install new flexible seating, design new audio/video and lighting systems, while preserving much of the buildings historical integrity. Our liturgical designers work with churches exclusively and are sensitive to all styles of worship.
McCourt Manufacturing
Furnishings & Floors – Q & A with McCourt Manufacturing – Does your church have a need in the area of furnishings, furniture, flooring and/or seating? Is so, attend their seminar and learn what one of the national leading providers is doing to assist churches.
Renfroe Construction
Design-Build “The Preferred Approach” – How to avoid the pitfalls of construction. This session will compare and contrast Design-Bid-Build (competitive bidding) and Design-Build methods of project delivery. We will also identify potential pitfalls that churches may face during a construction project.
SOA Construction Services
Keeping Your Projects On Schedule And On Budget – “… we will learn how a simple financial review can launch a church project from concept to completion within budget restraints…”
Swofford Construction
Building Committee 101 – Attend this session and we’ll discuss: Building Committee Members, Meeting Schedule, Design professional interviews and selection, Building wish list vs. building needs, Contractor selection, During Construction communication, Congregation interaction on the job site.
The Charis Group
The New Normal: How Capital Funds Must Be Raised in the 21st Century – “The message of the Church never has to change. How we communicate MUST! This includes how you run a capital campaign. The typical campaign model was designed in the 1980’s Today’s fast paced and changing world demands that we know how to communicate our message to the 21st century audience. This breakout session will help you explore the best means to accomplish this.”
Visioneering Studios @ LifeWay
Maximizing Property and Buildings: Developing An Effective Church Facilities Master Plan – A look at property and building utilization from a ministry and growth driven perspective, with practical advice on ways to get the most from facilities and avoid costly mistakes.
Visioneering Studios @ LifeWay
Architectural Evangelism: What Do Your Church Facilities Communicate? Church facilities communicate, whether or not it is the message the church intends. This session is aimed at creating an understanding of the ways that effective design and planning can help your church can communicate and help engage your community.
Visioneering Studios @ LifeWay
Envision. Design. Build: An Integrated Project Delivery Process – A discussion of the latest trends in the design-build process, where the designers and the builders collaborate from the outset to effectively clarify and achieve the church’s vision.