New Resource – Bringing Life to Adult Sunday School (DVD & CD)

Bringing LIFE to Adult Sunday School
Studies have shown that the churches that organize their adult Sunday School classes for growth and ministry are growing healthy churches.  The challenge is that many churches are not aware or they do not have the resources needed.  This resource equips adult Sunday School classes to accomplish the functions of …

  • Loving People
  • Investigating God’s Word
  • Fellowshipping Together
  • Evangelizing Others

This three-four month process begins with a rally that introduces all the adult classes to the process and provides each participant with an assessment tool that will aid them in discovering their place of service in accomplishing LIFE through their class.  During the weeks that the class teachers/leaders are organizing and enlisting others for the various ministry tasks, the pastor will preach a 4 week sermon series on LIFE.  Following the series the church will provide training for all the leaders so LIFE will be accomplished through their class.

The DVDs and CD include everything that is needed for the rallies, sermon series as well as the training.  There are specific training sessions for Teachers, Apprentice Teachers, Administrative Leaders, Discipleship Leaders, Care Group Leaders, Prayer Leaders, Fellowship Leaders, Secretaries, Outreach/Evangelism Leaders, Missions Leaders, and Greeters.

With this resource you can either use the DVDs or teach the sessions yourself.

One adult teacher said, “The Bringing LIFE to Adult Sunday School has renewed my zeal and desire to be a better teacher and leader.  As a result my class is better organized and we are growing!  This is the best Sunday School training I have seen.”

Others say..

The Bring LIFE to Adult Sunday School has…

  • increased participation in class.  Brought a new level of excitement to the Sunday School Staff
  • provided a format for us to reach people…
  • got me excited to bring the class closer together and get them more involved…
  • helped increased attendance…
  • increased our fellowships to bring us closer…

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