Part #11 of a study of Fastest Growing Churches in the Georgia Baptist Mission Board

Dr. Tim SmithThis is a series of insights gleaned from surveys and interviews with the most effective churches of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board in reaching and keeping people.


10 Things That Make These Churches Different



Over the past several weeks we’ve covered the insights that make the fastest growing churches of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board unique.  These insights were gained through surveys and interviews.  The following is summary of the 10 things that make these churches different.

top 10 graphic

10 – The senior pastors’ involvement is critical to the health and growth of the groups/disciple making strategy.
9 – Classes/groups must have someone or a team providing leadership in the area of evangelism/outreach.
8 – The same is true for the function of ministry, care and in-reach.
7 – There must an aggressive approach to adding new people to the enrollment/connection ministry list of the group.
6 – An emphasis in made by these churches to establish relationships within the classes/groups through gatherings.
5 – Being consistent in ministering to ALL members enrolled/connected with class/group is a priority in these churches.
4 – All of these churches reported that they provide training for leaders and that at least 85% of leaders attend.
3 – Providing an opportunity for people to be trained is how to share their faith was critical for these churches.
2 – These churches have established a culture where starting new groups is accepted and encouraged by members.
1 – The leading predictor for growth and health is these churches was starting new groups.


These are all very good practices that your class, group or church should strive to accomplish.  In the coming weeks we will examine the “10 Things That Surprised Me About These Churches”.  There are things that we think are important but our research seems to indicate that those things may not help us in the task of making disciples or reaching the lost.  I found myself starching my head and asking lots more questions.  I think the next several weeks will be helpful or at least very challenging.