Part #13 of a study of Fastest Growing Churches in the Georgia Baptist Mission Board

Dr. Tim SmithThis is a series of insights gleaned from surveys and interviews with the most effective churches of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board in reaching and keeping people through Sunday School and Small Groups.Name?

10 Things That Surprised Me About These Churches (part #13)

#2 – Question #7: What do you call your weekly, ongoing Sunday morning classes/groups?  Kroger is building a new “megastore” in my community and its going to be BIG!  It will be over 124,000 square feet and it will have everything you need.  There is one thing that it will not have that not too long every store wanted.  The new modern Kroger “megastore” will not have a place to rent or even buy VHS movies!  Technology and the times have moved past dropping by the movie rental isle before checking out.

There are some that have felt the same way about the term Sunday School.  I’ve heard its outdated for years but when we surveyed our fastest growing churches we discovered that 71% of the churches still use the term “Sunday
School” to describe their Sunday morning small group strategy.  Those numbers have changed considerable in my almost 20 years of working with Georgia Baptist churches.  When I began this journey it seemed like 99.9% of the churches called it Sunday School and all their groups meet on Sunday morning.

I find this surprising in that so many churches have renamed the Sunday School but I also find it surprising that churches that still use the term Sunday School are growing.  There are those that have made a big deal trying to rename or come up with new creative name for Sunday School.  Here’s the take away, the name does not matter as much as what you do with it!

Go ahead rename your Sunday School.  Give it a “cool” new name but if you keep doing the same old stuff nothing is going to change.  These fastest growing churches have proven the name is not what’s important but rather what you are doing with it and through your small groups strategy.