Part #2 of a Study of Fastest Growing Churches in the Georgia Baptist Convention

Dr. Tim SmithThis is a series of insights gleaned from surveys and interviews wit the most effective churches in the Georgia Baptist Convention in reaching and keeping people.
10 Things That Make These Churches Different, (part #2)

• #9 – Question 13: Do the majorities of your classes/groups have someone enlisted or assigned the responsibility of evangelism, outreach, visitation or missions? 70% of the churches responded affirmatively to this question


Observationstudying-703002_1920These churches understand the importance of evangelism and outreach to the health and growth of their Sunday School. Most of the classes/groups in these churches have enlisted and trained an individual or team to keep the importance of evangelism in front of them. The function of this person or team includes keeping the prospect list up to date, assigning members to contact prospects, organizing outreach events, praying for prospects, leading the training for the class/group in learning how to share their faith, and making contact with prospects. In these churches they do not leave the inclusion of new members to chance, they are intentional and aggressive about reaching out to those that are not Christians and those not involved in a church.

*This blog is part of a series first released on January 11, 2016. To read and understand the full depth of the series please click here.