Part #3 of a Study of Fastest Growing Churches in the Georgia Baptist Convention

Dr. Tim SmithThis is a series of insights gleaned from surveys and interviews wit the most effective churches in the Georgia Baptist Convention in reaching and keeping people.
10 Things That Make These Churches Different, (part #3)

• #8 – Question #14: Do the majority of you classes/groups have someone enlisted or assigned the responsibility of ministry, care or in-reach?

When the churches responded to this question there were 75% that responded positively.

clasped-hands-541849_640Observation – The fastest growing churches understand that the most effective outreach strategy will not be fully successful without equally emphasizing the care of those in the class/group. In most cases the responsibility of care and ministry of members is not given to just one member but rather it is divided equally among several members of the class/group. There are five to seven members per care/ministry group. The primary ministry function that is accomplished through these caring groups is the consistent weekly contact with members. The goal is for every person connected with the group to receive some type of contact from their care group leader every week. The number one method for making personal contact with members was the telephone. When the contact is made it is simply to express care and concern for the member. The care group leader asks, “how can I pray for you?” When ministry needs are discovered, the class/group is mobilized to meet that need. Every class/group should desire to hear their members say, “my class/group really cares about me.”

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