Spiritual Renewal through Sunday School/Small Groups

The spiritual vibrancy of the lives of your church members or class/group members will determine the effectiveness of the ministry; both inside the church and outside in the community.  If our people are not growing in Jesus they will not be having meaningful conversations with people about Jesus.  We’ve got to give attention to spiritual renewal.In this FREE 17 minute on-line/on-demand training experience you will learn what spiritual renewal is and how to lead your class/group to experience spiritual vibrancy.  Participants will receive the four leading indicators of spiritual renewal and the top five ways to guide a class/group to experience spiritual growth.

As followers of Christ we long for a fresh sweeping movement of God in our land. Personal revival and renewal must be the foundation of any strategy for engaging our world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The challenge will be to …

… accept personal responsibility for developing a growing, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

… engage in personal repentance over sin that hinders pursuing the call of Christ.

… pursue the Lordship of Christ to motivate every thought and action in order to communicate the hope of Christ to this world.

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