Summer is over (I know officially it isn’t) and school has begun and at church the new fall schedule is either happening or plans are being made for the new church year.  Hopefully you’re looking back on great summer filled with lots of ministry opportunities and especially VBS!  But there are several items you may still need to check off of your VBS to-do list.  

First, have you followed-up with guests that attended your VBS?  This is a great time to invite those guests back to your weekly fall activities.  Make sure they’re aware of any special events at your church as well as ongoing ministries.  Have your adult groups and your children’s groups contact families to make them feel welcome.

The other item to check off your list is to send in your VBS Report Form.  I LOVE receiving the forms in our office.  I look over the form and rejoice with you over the number of professions of faith and the prospects you discovered.  I want to see your report no matter which curriculum you used for VBS.  These statistics help us know how to plan and prepare for future years and areas where we may need to send help for churches that haven’t had VBS.  I can’t wait to receive your VBS report.  You can download the 2017 VBS  Report Form at