Adult Groups & Faith Development – Go Georgia 2018 – Feature Speaker: Sunday School Grows When We Go

Blog contributer Darryl Wilson – Find out more HERE
The Lord has sent each of us. As we go throughout the world, we are to disciple. Sunday School can help us do so. Sunday School grows when we go. For Sunday School growth, we must grow by inviting, discipling, caring, praying, and planning.
Want to lead your adult Sunday School class to take practical steps to Go and Grow? Plan to attend my four one-hour conferences during Go Georgia, August 17-18, at Mabel White Baptist Church, in Macon.
Here is what I will be teaching:
Grow by Inviting. Identify and pray for people to invite. Consistently and caringly pursue a relationship. Invite them for meals, fellowships, projects, and class sessions. Add them to the class ministry, fellowship, and prayer list. Share your testimony and Jesus with them.
Grow by Discipling. Personally prepare for class by meeting God in Bible study. Make life adjustments God desires. Prepare a lesson designed to lead the class to encounter God in His Word and make the adjustments He requires of them.
Grow by Caring. Ensure no one drops out of class. Pray for one another. Mobilize to connect, contact, and care for each other. Deepen relationships through meals, projects, and fellowships.
Grow by Praying and Planning. Seek God’s leadership and blessing. Pray for Sunday School, goals, and efforts together. Gather a class team to pray, evaluate, and plan to grow together.
You cannot do this alone! This important work belongs to every class member. When they invite, disciple, care, pray, and plan together, great things happen. Relationships are deepened. Leaders are developed. New people attend. The lost are saved. Lives are changed. And God is glorified. People are waiting for us to Go!
An illustration. A senior adult invited his unsaved neighbor to help with church work day. We planned to beautify the church landscaping prior to Easter. This neighbor had a beautiful yard and accepted the invitation. He was introduced to everyone, and the group quickly got to work.
During the day, this neighbor worked shoulder to shoulder with the men. He filled wheelbarrows, trimmed, shoveled, and worked hard. He got hot and sweaty. The class talked with him and each other. They laughed and told stories. They got to know each other.
At the end of the day, things looked great. Everyone loaded up to head home. Everyone thanked each other and especially the guest. He expressed his enjoyment of the day as well.
The next day, the men’s class was pleasantly surprised when this unsaved friend showed up for Sunday School. He had seen the time for Sunday School on the church sign and had decided he liked being with these men. And he returned weekly. Then on the sixth week, he accepted Jesus as his Savior and Lord. Going matters!
I look forward to seeing you at Mabel White Baptist Church, in Macon, on August 17-18. In the meantime, I encourage you to join me on my blog at
Darryl Wilson is the Sunday School & Discipleship Consultant for the Kentucky Baptist Convention. He is the author of Disciple-Making Encounters: Revolutionary Sunday School.