The Three Best Things to Improve Your Preschool Classroom

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When a new young family visits your church, one of the first areas they notice is the Preschool Classroom.  What does the class say to these guests – Cluttered and Neglected or Clean and Inviting?


1 – Declutter!  Declutter!  Declutter!  Every Preschool leader knows we need a lot of “stuff” to teach.  However, we don’t need it all at once.  The only things that need to be out or on the walls are those that relate to the lesson that day.  Take some time to clean up and make use of your Resource Room to put away items that you don’t use each week.

2 – Use color wisely.  Paint the walls a neutral color and consider having one focal wall painted a jewel tone.  You might also consider painting the door frame the same color as the focal wall to give some visual interest in the hall.  Too much color can lead to hyperactivity, too little color may make the area seem too institutional or uninviting.

3 – Have a happy, smiling face greeting families at the Preschool classroom door.  The Preschool teacher sets the tone for the class.  The teacher should be calm, smiling, and consistent.  Preschoolers and their parents need to know that the Preschool leaders will be in the classroom waiting for the child.  The leader needs to be on time, consistent, prepared, and ready to lead the session.