The Three Most Important Areas in Your Church


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WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? What are the three most important areas in your church (other than the worship center and classrooms)?  Notice that I said in your church so that doesn’t include the parking lot nor the church sign but those are very important as well!  I also excluded the worship space and classrooms but I will make one exception.

WHAT DO I DO? In my opinion the most important area(s) of your church are the preschool and children’s areas.  This will include their classrooms, reception areas, inside play areas, large group/worship space(s), etc.  Anything that is for the kids at church needs to be as nice or nicer than the newest daycare and/or elementary school nearest the church.  Why?  Because that’s what is expected.

The second most important area at your church is a space I don’t visit!  It’s your ladies’ restrooms!  Guys are different and we are okay with stuff but women are different.  We’ve stopped going to restaurants because their women’s’ restrooms were dirty.  I don’t understand the issue because they’re not cooking in there!  Make sure your ladies’ restrooms are clean and nice.

Third on my list is your hallways and gathering spaces.  People want and need space to gathering and congregate.  That space also needs to be bright and up-to-date.  It needs to be clean and well kept.  I’ve always said that you can tell how healthy a church is by how early the people come and by how late they stay.  If your church doesn’t provide the space for gathering, then it could be a hindrance to the growth of your church.